Capture Magazine March/April 2015

Capture cover March-April 2015

Same love: In this very special feature, we investigate wedding photographer working with LGBTIQ couples and get an insight into how those in Australia and abroad are servicing this new, growing segment of the market and learn how they approach the big day.

Generalist vs. Specialist: We tackle the age-old question of whether having a niche is the way to go and speak with photographer specialising in a variety of very specific fields from dogs and animals to newborns and birth.

Wedding and portrait survival guide: This comprehensive overview outlines all you need to know in order to both survive and thrive in an over-crowded market.

Perfection in post: Learn how to boost your workflow, and be more creative with actions and presets used by some of the best in the business.

The digital file dilemma: Who hasn’t had requests/demands for high-res files? Probably nobody! Veteran photographers shed some light on how best to deal with challenging clients as they offer up some invaluable strategies.

The Unknown Soldier: Get an insight into David Jay’s powerful and confronting new project documenting

How I got that shot: Get behind the scenes to learn how Zachary Scott created his extraordinary Old Babies.

Talent: We feature a fresh crop of new, emerging talent worth watching.

What’s hot: Check out all the latest gear, workshops and major prize/award winners.

Showtime: Get the low-down on the latest exhibitions, books and competitions.

Our cover: This issue, our cover comes from Sydney-based wedding specialist, Frank Farrugia. A professional photographer for past nine years, two years ago he established Same Love Photography, a niche arm of his business catering to the LGBTIQ community.

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