World Press Photo Foundation cancels Awards Show because of COVID-19

The World Press Photo Awards Show 2020 and the World Press Photo Festival 2020, due to be held in Amsterdam on 16-18 April, have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. A spokesperson said: “We are devastated that we will not be holding two of our major events that honor and showcase this year’s contest winners in person. Both events have become pivotal occasions for the visual journalism community to come together and we are all going to miss this moment.”

The winners of the 2020 Photo Contest and the 2020 Digital Storytelling Contest - including the winner of the World Press Photo of the Year and the three other major awards - will be announced on the evening of 16 April 2020 and presented to a global audience through a wide range of online and media channels.

Follow this link to view a selection of the nominees for the 63rd annual World Press Photo Contest.


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