Getty Images announces $20,000 in ‘Creatives in Quarantine’ grants

The latest announcement from Getty Images relates to the launch of their Creative Bursary – designed to support the worldwide creative community through the challenges posed by COVID-19. Ten grants of US$2,000 each, titled ‘Creatives in Quarantine,’ will be awarded to creatives from around the world. Submissions will be assessed by an industry-leading panel of judges, who will select moving, entertaining, or ground-breaking creative projects created while in quarantine.

© Howard George
© Howard George

During this time of global uncertainty, creative outlets become even more important—as a source of income, a means toward alleviating stress or an avenue to self-expression,” said Guy Merrill, Global Head of Art. “Whatever the inspiration, level of experience, chosen medium or creative field, we welcome all submissions with a view of celebrating creative expression and supporting the creative community during this challenging time.”

Historically, Getty Images has targeted its Creative Bursary program toward emerging creatives, however COVID-19 has created challenges for everyone. The Creatives in Quarantine grants are open to anyone who is using this time to break through creative boundaries and create inspiring work, be they photographers, illustrators, filmmakers and artists.

A portfolio of work should be submitted alongside a one-page document describing the creative individual, their sources of inspiration, and the thinking behind their work.

Submissions will close on Monday, 8 June at midnight EST. Please visit Where We Stand to learn more.

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