The Profoto B10 is as small as a camera lens, but boasts the flash output of five speedlights, and an integrated continuous light for video. The B10 is small and ultra-portable, and light enough to easily hand-hold on a boom. A fully charged battery provides up to 400 full power flashes or 75 minutes of full power continuous light.

Power output is 250W/s, and the B10 offers fast recycling and short flash duration –down to 1/50,000th. For convenience, it can be plugged into mains power for charging while in operation. It also features a dimmable LED with adjustable colour temperature (3000-6500K) for video or stills. The B10 works with all other Profoto lights using the Air Remote system.

Watch the video below to see the team at Profoto intoduce "the power of small".