Renowned for their impressive and innovative range of camera, sling, and travel bags, Peak Design is set to well and truly make their mark in world of tripods with the release of their Travel Tripod. Back in May, Peak Design ran another highly successful Kickstarter campaign – their ninth – raising an eye-watering US$12,143,435 from 27,168 backers. The company now also holds the record for the most money raised on Kickstarter – over US$32m. But enough about their wild success on Kickstarter.

The Peak Design Travel Tripod’s most impressive feature is its size. Or more accurately, its sheer lack of size! Collapsed, the tripod has a diameter of 8.3cm and a length of just under 40cm. The primary goal of the company when embarking on the design of a tripod was to produce something significantly smaller and more compact than other travel tripod on the market.

Available in aluminium (1.56kg) and carbon (1.27kg) with a compact ball head, the Travel Tripod extends to 1.3m (centre column down) and 1.52m (centre column extended) and takes a payload of 9.1kg. The tripod is quick to set up and take down and comes with Peak Design’s lifetime guarantee. It is compatible with all Peak Design plates and most Arca-type plates and features removable pins for use with most Arca-type L-brackets. It also has a built-in load hanging hook.

Tripods are expected to be available from January 2020.

See the video below for setup and tips.