Following on the from launch of GIGABYTE’s AERO 15 laptop back in 2017 comes the new 17-inch model, AERO 17. The AERO 17 features the all-new 9th Gen Intel core i9, 8-core processor, coupled with NVIDIA RTX STUDIO laptop certification, aiding creators to smoothly edit 4K videos and perform heavy 3D modeling tasks.

The AERO 17 boasts the worlds’ thinnest 3mm near-borderless, high-pixel-density display, keeping it as compact as some competitors’ 15-inch chassis. With a chassis thickness of just 2.1 cm, the AERO 17 is highly portable.

With so much computing power packed inside, GIGABYTE has paid particular attention to the cooling of the machine. Utilising Supra Cool 2 cooling technology, the AERO 17 has two large fans, five full copper heat-pipes, and 11 air intake/exhaust vents to help ensure that everything remains adequately cooled to maintain top performance.

All models can accommodate a maximum of 64GB dual-channel, original Samsung memory, plus two ultra-high read speed Intel760P SSDs, making 4K editing and other performance hungry tasks a breeze.

The AERO series laptop is loaded with Microsoft Azure AI which can automatically adjust the hardware performance according to the program that is in use, giving creators the ability to start working right away without the need to adjust performance settings.

The AERO 17 sports a number of ports including three USB Type-A ports, HDMI 2.0, DP1.4, Thunderbolt  3,  and an SD card slot that supports UHS-II transfer speeds.

The display supports 100% of the Adobe RGB color gamut, and each AERO 17 display panel is professionally color calibrated before it leaves the factory and comes with an X-Rite Pantone color calibration certificate.

If you need solid battery performance in the field, you’ll be comforted to know that the AERO 17 comes with an industry-leading 94Wh battery, providing up to 8 hours of battery life.

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