Elinchrom’s latest location light, the ELB 1200, weighs just 4.3kg, and offers photographers a powerful, robust, and portable battery pack. Equipped with a bright dimmable LED modelling lamp, the flash heads provide exceptional lighting capabilities for both still photography and video. Outputting an imperessive 1200 Ws, up to 215 flashes or 80 min continuous LED light are available with the included Li-Ion Air Battery (90 Wh). The Battery HD (144 Wh), while 400g heavier, offers up to 400 flashes or 120 min continuous LED light.

The ELB 1200 features A and B outlets and power can be split either 2:1 (66%:33%) or 1:1 (50%:50%). Recycle time in FAST mode is just 1.7s or 3s in DEFAULT mode. With the three different head options available, Action, Pro, and Hi-Sync, the ELB 1200 also features precise colour consistency and reliable flash duration consistency. Updates to the firmware can be made via USB.

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