BenQ's flagship photography monitor - the PhotoVue SW321C

BenQ’s latest flagship photography monitor is the PhotoVue SW321C. The 32-inch 4K UHD display features 'Paper Color Sync technology' for screen-to-photo colour matching, and the monitor also boasts 'special panel techniques' to further reduce reflection and glare, which, according to the company, result in a paper-like screen effect, that should help replicate the look of images in print. 

The SW321C offers 10-bit color depth and a 16-bit 3D lookup table with Delta E≤2 accuracy, and each monitor comes with an individualised factory color calibration report and certifications from CalMAN and Pantone. The monitor provides 99% coverage of Adobe RGB and 100% of sRGB colour spaces.

 The monitor also allows side-by-side viewing of the same image in two different colour spaces, such as Adobe RGB and sRGB. And its black and white mode is designed for previewing film effects before adjusting images. 

Operating from a single USB-C cable for video, audio, data, and power, the SW321C also comes with a height-adjustable stand and a detachable shading hood.

The BenQ SW321C will be available for purchase in late May through BenQ's specialised resellers.

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