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Life aquatic will plunge the viewer into underwater landscapes where life forms are suspended, interconnected, and bubbling with quiet potential. It features the work of Narelle Autio, Ruth Maddison, and Catherine Nelson.


Tamara Dean's new series, Instinctual, explores the relationship between humans and the natural world, and the role of instinct in our contemporary lives.

Melbourne-based documentary photographers Alana Holmberg (Oculi) and Morganna Magee (MAPgroup) are teaming up to host a unique visual storytelling workshop for ten participants in Melbourne this February and March. Applications close 5pm, 20 January.

Danny Eastwood’s first solo exhibition, Liquere, will be on show at Sydney’s Black Eye gallery from 14 February – 5 March 2017. It explores the fluidity of human form, and the images aim to confound the viewer.

The Anonymous Man is series of images is based around the idea of a dreamscape. Each image represented itself to Saad in a flash, as a fleeting moment in full realisation or as a tone of colour.


Known as Lucifer’s fixer, scatterer and disperser of lies, Mephisto, this exhibition by Gary Sheppard, explores the alluring intricacies of liquid. The series offers a glimpse in to the places and creatures from Mephisto’s world.

Learn the secrets of top photography assistants and spend an evening with two master photographers – Peter Collie and Richard Weinstein.