In a world saturated with imagery, standing out from the crowd is only going to get more and more challenging. A special style or technique is likely to be your greatest ally when it comes to setting your images apart from the billions out there.

Quite possibly the bane of many a photographer’s existence is anything to do with managing the financial affairs of their business. For photographers unwilling to invest a little time and energy into it, it could be their undoing.

While drones have been around for some time, the uptake by photographers to incorporate aerial services into their suite of offerings has not been overwhelming. Yet many are still producing ground-breaking projects relying on drones.

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Dedicating oneself to a single, specific endeavour every day for a full year is a huge undertaking. But a 365 project will shape you as a photographer, and, maybe, even redefine how you express yourself creatively.

Many photographers budgeting for new gear tend to ask the same question: “What should I invest more in – the camera body or the lens?” – Sponsored by Ted's Cameras.

Anyone can take pictures, and with billions of images flooding our world, most photos are reduced to eye-candy with no real substance to them. So what makes a photographer a storyteller?

Running a photography business with Excel spreadsheet is not always efficient; frequently it’s complicated and confusing. Studio management software provides photographers with business tools to manage their clients and operational workflow.

Winning competitions and being recognised for your skill and talents is awesome! But never underestimate the valuable lessons you'll learn about yourself and your work by going through the process of putting your images out there to be judged.

The trend of capturing and sharing drone videos is, quite literally, taking off. Some of the very best drone videos are achieved with hyperlapse effects. Read on for 5 top tips to create your own amazing footage.

The consensus remains that the wedding and portrait market is competitive, and the role of social media cannot be ignored; so what trends have emerged over the past year, and what do photographers need to do to ensure their success going forward?

With each passing year, the editorial industry seems to demand more from photographers despite offering less. But amongst the shrinking market, new opportunities are emerging to better equip photographers as storytellers and businesspeople.

A review of advertising photography over the past 12 months reveals that all seems relatively well, and confirms that the end is certainly not nigh.

Using artificial lighting can be both a daunting and expensive prospect for newer photographers. With a myriad of lighting options on the market and a spectrum of price ranges, it’s easy to get confused with all the options out there.

That creativity is important in photography is a given. What’s not so clear, is where creativity comes from, where it sometimes disappears to, and how it can be nurtured and developed in those times when it’s sadly lacking.

If you think you’ve never had one of your images stolen, you’re not looking hard enough. But, does it really matter? What can you do about it? And is there reward in the outcome of fighting image theft?