There is no better way to raise awareness about what needs to be changed in the world than through pictures. Pictures can tell their stories in any language. This is a story about those pictures and the artists who make them.

Instagram is the social media platform best tailored to photographers since it is literally a giant photo album, but how does it rate as a business application and marketing tool to help you get more clients? Is it worth the time and effort invested?

Once upon a time, having your photobook published was something only a few, usually already famous, photographers were able to accomplish. The evolution of self-publishing – and in particular, D-I-Y self-publishing – has changed that considerably.

When we gain access to the photography kit of a seasoned professional, we don’t hesitate to dive right in and get as many insights as possible. A photographer’s kit can say a lot about their process and the outcome of their work.

Professional photography is a much harder nut to crack than it was a decade ago. And social media is changing the kind of work that’s hot. Directing is where the work is. And someone who can direct plus shoot stills has high value.

In the last four years, the drone market has exploded, and anyone can now enter the drone game at a reasonable price point. But do professional photographers and filmmakers need to add a drone to their already expensive kit?

“Disruptive platforms” have wreaked havoc in their respective industries. With disruptive platforms now popping up in the photography industry, can we expect the same amount of damage to ensue?

Being new at anything is exciting, inspiring, intoxicating, and scary. Knowing that, and adjusting your expectations and your ingenuity accordingly, can alter the course of your entire career.

What gets you commissions? It’s the question that unlocks the gate between aspiring and professional photographer.

Dive into a completely different world and gain an insight into what it's like to work underwater.

Once upon a time, putting your name on a studio space validated your status as a professional photographer. And having your name on the perfect studio space affirmed your place on the top tier of professionals. But not anymore.

Hollywood is saturated with clichéd notions of what it’s like to be a professional photographer. We spoke with a cross-section of professionals to find out if the photographer’s dream is in fact a reality.

Not every simple question has a simple answer. The question, “How do you get commissioned by ad agencies?” is complex. We present the advice of the commissioners – the agency creatives who choose the photographers they want to work with.

Top tips on how to significantly improve your self-worth and the health of your projects, and get a fair treatment for your work, within traditional go-to markets and platforms for photography.

It’s a sad truth that photographers spend much more time behind their desks than behind their cameras. These top 5 pro tips will help you greatly improve your workflow efficiency.