If you could create your ultimate camera, the one that was absolutely perfect for you, what would it be like? Never mind that it’s too expensive. Never mind that it hasn’t been invented yet. Top pros reveal their fantasies.

More wisdom and advice from our panel of world-class judges from Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2019. The last installment. It's compulsory reading for all those entering the 2020 competition.

Limitations and creativity are close allies; when you embrace the limitations you face and accept their challenge, your creativity will thrive. However, experimenting with constraints involves risk-taking...

All the best advice from our panel of world-class judges from Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2019. It's compulsory reading for all those entering.

A lot of people work for free. For all sorts of reasons. Of course, there’s a psychological difference between giving something away that you’ve planned/budgeted for, and being asked, point-blank, to work for free.

Why are even champions of diversity so resistant to tackling ageism?

Picasso famously said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once [one] grows up”. Five creative photographers share insights into their creative lives along with ideas on how you can live a more creative life.

Every photographer worth their salt knows the simplest of elements can be the difference between a great image and a stellar one. It is the understanding of light that allows for infinite possibilities.

Almost every description of a great photographer leads with praise for their passion and talent. You could almost believe that these two attributes are the essence of success. If you did, you’d be pretty silly.

Veteran wedding photographer, Eric Ronald shares his views on why it's OK to start small in the wedding industry, and then grow your business from there.

To be a successful sports photographer, you need to be able to capture action in a variety of different conditions: outdoor, indoor, bright to extremely low light, but you also need to be able to capture emotions, landscapes, and work with sponsors.

While shooting professionally can be hugely rewarding, there are times when it can be downright traumatic. We spoke with six experts who share their strategies on staying calm and grounded in any number of tense situations.

Travel photography specialist, Michael Haluwana shares some of the most important lessons he's learnt over the last decade.

In a world saturated with imagery, standing out from the crowd is only going to get more and more challenging. A special style or technique is likely to be your greatest ally when it comes to setting your images apart from the billions out there.

Quite possibly the bane of many a photographer’s existence is anything to do with managing the financial affairs of their business. For photographers unwilling to invest a little time and energy into it, it could be their undoing.

While drones have been around for some time, the uptake by photographers to incorporate aerial services into their suite of offerings has not been overwhelming. Yet many are still producing ground-breaking projects relying on drones.