Habitat - BirdLife Australia Bird Week exhibition

In this exhibition, celebrating Bird Week, the artists explore and celebrate Australia's iconic, vulnerable, and endangered birds and their homes. In current times, deforestation, urbanisation, and climate change are modifying the places they call home.

© Angela Robertson-Buchanan
© Angela Robertson-Buchanan

In Australia, numerous species that have not yet become rare enough to be listed as endangered, described as common or of least concern, are having their habitat chipped away at equally alarming rates as Australia's endangered species. These species have not only intrinsic ecological value, but also have the right to exist. Common species are also the ones that we most associate with and because they are more abundant and familiar, they provide important opportunities for people to connect with nature.

20% of sales will be donated to BirdLife Australia. The exhibition runs alongside National Bird Week, an initiative to get more Australian’s interested in birds.

© Angela Robertson-Buchanan
© Angela Robertson-Buchanan


Photographer: Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Designers: Eggpicnic

Print maker: Fiona Roderick

© Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Gallery hours

Wed: 5-8pm

Thursday/Friday: 11am-5pm

Saturday/Sunday: 10am-3pm

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