Vote now for the People's Choice of The Mono Awards 2021

We recently revealed all the winners and top place-getters in The Mono Awards, presented by SanDisk, and have just opened up the voting in this year’s People's Choice Awards.

Head to The Mono Awards' Facebook page and cast your vote today in any of the three categories: People, Places, and Animals. In each of the albums on the page, you’ll find the Top 30 category images.

Casting a vote is simple: just “Like” the image in each category you feel is most deserving of the People’s Choice Award. One winner in each category will receive a $100 Momento voucher and a 12-month subscription to either Capture or Australian Photography.

The voting period runs for two weeks and voting closes at 12pm on Monday, 6 September.

Head to the albums for People, Places, and Animals, and cast your votes today.



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