Man dangles small boy over cliff for "unique" photo

When will the stupidity end?! Clearly, not enough people have died in the pursuit of the “perfect” selfie or portrait, or the message just isn’t getting through. A shocking video has surfaced recently of a man holding a small boy by the hands over a cliff on Hongjing Road, Beijing, with the aim of getting a "unique" photo of their child. The 19-kilometre winding road is known for its sharp bends and captivating scenery. The drop appears to be at least 30-40 metres, a fall from which would certainly result in death or severe injury.

An onlooker whose voice was recorded in the clip cries out, “The kid's hands are shaking!” Other observers of the outrageous behaviour appear unfazed. Originally shared by the Chinese newspaper, People’s Daily, the footage then went viral of Chinese social media site, Weibo.