Getty Images' latest US$20,000 creative grant, 'Definition Future'

Getty Images, in collaboration with its subsidiary, iStock, has recently announced their latest grants. With a total of US$20,000, split between three grants (US$10,000, US$7,000, and US$3,000) their Creative Bursary, Definition Future, will support emerging talent and provide financial support and mentorship to recipients to explore what our future may hold. Grant recipients will also be able to license their winning work on the Getty Images and iStock websites, and receive 100% of royalties.

The grant offers creatives the financial freedom to explore, through ground-breaking visual storytelling, what the future may hold—in all of its complexity and unpredictability. The series is open to anyone who is just beginning their career, seeking to challenge perceptions while simultaneously reshaping and redefining the world in which we live.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Global Head of Art at Getty Images, Guy Merrill stressed the important role that storytelling plays in terms of defining what the future could look like. “As we forge a new path on a global scale, it’s more important than ever to support the next generation of creatives and give them the means necessary to pursue their passion for the sort of storytelling which breaks creative and visual boundaries and, in turn, moves our visual language forward.”

Judging panel

  • Guy Merrill, UK based Head of Art, Getty Images Creative
  • Antwaun Sargent, NYC based Critic and Curator of The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion
  • Jimena Acosta, Mexico City-based Curator of contemporary design and art at the Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City
  • Polly Irungu, NYC based multimedia journalist, digital editor, photographer and founder of Black Women Photographers
  • Henki Leung, Tokyo based Designer and Creative Director at Airside Japan
  • Deby Sucha, Tokyo and Los Angeles-based, Photographer and Getty Images contributor

Those interested in applying will need to submit an existing or new project, along with a portfolio of work and a short essay describing their intent and inspiration.

Applications for the grant close 9 November. Additional details can be found here.


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