5 Reasons Why You Should Print Your Photos in the Digital Era

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The photo printing experts at My-Picture.com.au list 5 reasons why photo prints are as relevant as ever in 2020. 

Photo Printing is Going Strong. Perhaps Stronger than Ever. 

The arrival of the digital era was long thought to herald the end of physical photography as a practical medium. Time, however, has proven the predictions wrong – with film photography and photo printing not just surviving the advent of new technology but managing to thrive against the odds. So, what’s the secret of their longevity?  

1. Nothing Beats the Real Thing

Holding a physical copy of your photo, whether it’s a pint-sized photo canvas print or an imposing large-scale print on aluminium, will always beat looking at the same photo through the glare of a PC. No matter how good your laptop resolution is, pixels on a screen just lack the tactile appeal of physical prints.

The whole thing boils down to disposable convenience versus deeper significance. There’s no doubt that virtual storage tools – SD cards and cloud storage – have their advantages, but there’s no substitute for holding in your hands a special photo which began as a flash of inspiration in your mind. 

2. Photo Prints on Display Add to Your Professional Credibility 

Some things haven’t changed that much – and having your work on display, whether in your studio or entertaining space, enhances the impression you have on potential clients, as well as bolstering your own professional confidence. 

Casting false modesty aside and putting your career highlights on show will keep your creative juices flowing – as well as demonstrating your prowess to the world.

A canvas gallery wall showing your progression as an artist won’t just provide you with the inspiration to keep growing creatively – it’s a canny marketing technique in itself. 

3. It’s Surprisingly Inexpensive

Turn your greatest photos into top-quality prints with a dependable service provider like MyPicture.com.au and you won’t just save time, you’ll save money too. Take a look at their prices and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Custom photo printing doesn’t have to be a niche industry for the wealthy.

Why buy a stock canvas with a motivational quote when you can get one of your own photos printed for not much more (maybe even less)? When you factor in the boost to your career that first-class printing can provide, it works out as even more of a bargain.

You wouldn’t hesitate to buy new equipment for your studio, so there’s every reason to spare a little bit extra for a custom-made decor piece that can boost your creativity as well as your turnover!

4. It Makes the Whole Process so Much More Exciting

Before you can display a set of photo prints in your working space, of course, you need a set of photos. And organising a photoshoot with this kind of specific goal in mind makes the whole process more inspiring. It might even reveal a thing or two about your core motivations in photography. 

Whether you decide on epic drone shots or intricate close-ups of nature, keeping your prints and your new design scheme in mind when you conceive and shoot the photos will make the experience more challenging and creatively fulfilling. As you wait for that long-exposure skyline shot to finish up, you can imagine how the final product will look on an XXL canvas print!

5. It’s Authentic

Finally, the most convincing “unique selling point” of this list. Photo printing fits in with our natural inclination towards real, tangible items – just look at the wider ongoing reappreciation of film photography and vintage technology. Not to mention that curating your everyday life like a Spotify playlist is in vogue right now, and customising your studio or living space with prints of your photos fits the trend. 

Digital photography needn’t be seen in opposition to this hunger for the authentic. After all, it’s true that digital mediums have made our lives more convenient in a myriad of ways. Photo prints made from digital images allow us to bring traditional, authentic values together with the best of the new, in harmonious partnership. Customised photo printing really gives you the best of both worlds. 

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