The Mount Everest of stupidity?

Over last week, we've been grappling with something we came across on the Internet, and we can't quite work out if it's the Mount Everest of stupidity or the Mariana Trench of stupidy, but either way we were left asking, WTF?! WTF, in case you were unsure, stands for "Why the fire"?

Put your hands up, yes both, if you've never heard the saying, do anything to get the shot. Yes, both hands, becuase everyone has heard the saying, and over the years we've certainly featured our fair share of the best photographers in the world that will go to extraordinary lengths to get the shot.

Obviously the saying is not meant to be taken literally, but unfortuantely photographers from around the world are prone to doing impressively stupid things to get the shot. Who could forget wedding location shoots on train tracks, photographers shooting models on train tracks, dangling models off the sides of skyscrapers, or illegally accessing the very tops of ridiculously tall structures to shoot a few pictures?

Well, the latest thing, and let's pray this doesn't become a trend or a fad, is a take on the good old trash the dress, which I'm personally not a huge fan. But seriously, who in their right mind came up with the concept of let's burn the wedding dress, while the bride is still wearing it?! Yes, people, this is happening.

We shared a post on Facebook recently, and, suffice to say, practically everyone thought it was an entirely idiotic thing to do. Please do not try it at home, in the studio, or on location. Now, if you're doing an underwater shoot, it might look awesome.