Sony Alpha Awards – call for entries now open

© Ilan Wittenberg. Grand Prize Winner of the 2018 Sony Alpha Awards and Winner, Portrait.
© Ilan Wittenberg. Grand Prize Winner of the 2018 Sony Alpha Awards and Winner, Portrait.

The call for entries for the 4th annual Sony Alpha Awards is now open. The competition celebrates imagery captured on Sony Alpha cameras and lenses and is open to all levels of Australian and New Zealand photographers. There are nine categories in total, including Portrait, Landscape, Nature, Sport, and Youth, and for the first time in 2019, Seascape, Astrophotography, Wedding, and City/Street.

Prizes on offer include $2,000 of Sony digital imaging gear per category, and each of the category winners will also have the chance to win the overall Grand Prize – $10,000 worth of Sony digital imaging gear.


A photograph that prominently features the night sky. 

This category covers any image that documents life in an urban centre. Both people and places will be considered.

A photo of a place and/or thing. Photo compositing in this category for technical purposes will not be penalised. Photographs that qualify for consideration in Astrophotography or Seascape are unlikely to receive an award in this category.

A photo of the natural living world. Animals, plants, fungi - if it’s alive, it counts. Domesticated animals and animals in clearly artificial settings or captivity are unlikely to be awarded.

A photo of a person who is aware of the photographer and participating in the creation of the photo. Judging in this category will reward photos that reveal more than just the surface of the subject. Candid photography is not considered in this category.

A landscape photograph that prominently features the sea. 

A photo of a sport being played, or related to the culture of a sport.

Photography documenting a wedding. Documentary work related to a wedding will also be considered.

Photo(s) entered should be inspired by the theme ‘Speed’.

Entries close 31 August.

Eligible images must be taken with Sony Alpha cameras (body and lens).

Visit the Sony Scene website for more information.

Check out all the winners from 2018 at this link.

Finalists from all categories will be invited to attend the Sony Alpha Awards ceremony on 26th September 2019 in Sydney, where the winners will be announced.

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