Keen to join one of the world's most renowned photo agencies? Here's your chance...

One of the world’s most respected photo agencies, VII, has put out an open call for new members. The agency is keen to hear from photographers who will continue to diversify their membership.

Photographers are invited to submit a brief explanation of their desire to join VII, along with no more than 30 images. A biography should also be submitted. All the details can be found on the VII website.

VII invites a wide range of styles, approaches, and philosophies towards image making, visual storytelling, reportage, and personal artistic endeavour. What is critically important to them is your independence, professionalism, and collegiality. “Your personality and willingness to collaborate with other members of the agency, cooperate and get involved in growing the agency is essential,” a statement on the website reads.

Where someone has been accepted, a two-year-period will commence where both parties evaluate the relationship. During this period, VII will charge a monthly fee and a percentage cut of archive sales, assignments and projects.

The submission deadline is 1 April.
New members will be notified by 1 July, 2019. If you have further questions, please contact

About VII

VII is a storied photo agency founded a few days before 9/11 to challenge the convergence in the photography business when the trend for giant companies swallowing smaller independent agencies started. VII went small and photographer-owned, believing in the power and energy of collective effort when everyone else seemed to be going big and corporate. VII remains a disruptive and innovative business unafraid to swim against the prevailing currents.

VII has turned its gaze far from the frontline of its foundation.  It has earned a reputation for uncompromising photography immersed in the great issues of today.  VII photographers and filmmakers are as likely to be found focusing on race, gender and identity as they are on migration or conflict. Amplifying local voices and addressing the complex political, environmental, and social questions facing families everywhere, VII places great value in the power of images to tell important stories. The members of VII are motivated by issues and are proud to elevate those issues above the cult of the image or the cult of the photographer

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