David LaChapelle's epic movie poster, Rocketman

Legendary American photographer David LaChapelle was commissioned to photograph Welsh actor and singer, Taron Egerton, who plays the lead as Elton John, for the film poster for the forthcoming biopic, Rocketman. Egerton is best known for his role in the 2014 action comedy film, Kingsman: The Secret Service.

LaChapelle is responsible for creating some of the most iconic imagery in Elton John’s career. See more here at this link.

© David LaChapelle
© David LaChapelle

About David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle was born in the United States in 1963 and attended high school at North Carolina School of The Arts. At age 15, he moved to New York City, was discovered by Andy Warhol, and began working at Interview Magazine.  

LaChapelle’s vision and approach to image making quickly gained international interest as the artist began to expand the genre of photography.  By 1991, The New York Times predicted, “LaChapelle is certain to influence the work of a new generation...in the same way that Mr. Avedon pioneered so much of what is familiar today.”

In the decades ahead, LaChapelle’s body of work established him as an icon of contemporary art. His portrait, stage, music video, and film works have become “iconic archetypes of America in the 21st Century”. His photography has been exhibited at theTel Aviv Museum of ArtPalazzo Reale (Milanese dx), MOCA TaipeiMonnaie de ParisVictoria and Albert (London), Ara Modern Art (Seoul), and Casa dei Tre Oci (Venice), to name a few.

In 2018, LaChapelle created visuals for Travis Scott’s AstroWorld campaign as well as Elton John’s farewell tour. Recently, he released the final two volumes, Lost & Found and Good News For Modern Man, in his five-book anthology. The first three were LaChapelle Land (1996), Hotel LaChapelle (1999), and Heaven to Hell (2006).

 Currently, LaChapelle’s photography is exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery (London)Groninger Museum (The Netherlands), Pearl Lam Galleries (Singapore), Geuer X Geuer Art (Dusseldorf), Galerie Templon (Paris), and Stary Browar (Poland).

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