• © James Marcus Haney
    © James Marcus Haney

Chapter One – female mentorship program – call for submissions

Production and photography agency, Sam I Am is giving young female photographs a career kickstarter by offer the opportunity to receive a free three-month mentorship. The program, Chapter One, has been created to “help give the very best young female talent out there a new beginning to their stories”. It offers a hands-on, one-on-one experience within a commercial photography practice.

Successful applicants will be paired with a Sam I Am artist to gain invaluable knowledge via access to a range of diverse talent and skillsets – stylists, assistants, retouchers, producers, agency creatives, and more.

The submission process calls for young women with visual stories they want to tell, or a series they want to produce. Over three months they’ll have one-on-one access to a Sam I Am mentor who’ll help to develop it. Ultimately, the final images will be shown at an exhibition attended by industry creatives.

Click here to apply: www.samiam.com.au/chapter-one


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