Canon Australia extends warraty to 5 years across a range of cameras and lesnes

Earlier this week, Canon Australia took the bold move of extending the warranty of all Mirrorless, DSLR, digital video camera, and lenses purchased after 25 November, 2019. The warranty for these items is now five years, instead of two. Naturally, anything with a longer warranty period is a clear indication to consumers that an organisation stands behind its products.

In a press release put out by Canon, they point to research linking the length of warranty to “brand trust, good value, and product quality”. The research, undertaken in an independent study – the Consumer Warranty Expectations Survey 2019, revealed that 87% of respondents equated a longer warranty to a product being of higher quality.

According toJason McLean, Director – Consumer Imaging, Canon Australia, consumer expectations have evolved due to the rise of a new ‘transient goods’ mindset along with consumer electronic brands setting low expectations for the quality of their products by offering short warranties. “It is time for brands in the industry to modernise their manufacturer warranties to reflect consumer expectations of quality, trust and good value,” he said.

Canon Australia believes that the consumer electronics industry has conditioned consumers into believing that technology is outdating so fast, that hardware only needs to last one or two years, when a newer model then becomes available. The fact that manufacturers are constantly releasing new products, sometimes with very little discernible difference over previous models tends to support the argument. In reality though, the vast majority of products perform well for many more years.

The Consumer Warranty Expectations Survey 2019 was conducted on the YouGov Galaxy Research online national omnibus between 7-12 November 2019, commissioned by Canon Australia. The Australian nationally representative sample of 1,098 adults aged 18+ was weighted where necessary by age, gender, and region to reflect the latest ABS population estimates.  

Follow this link to learn more about Canon’s new five-year warranties.

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