A print ad that's a wee bit different, literally!

Chances are you can count the number of times that someone has suggested that you pee on a print ad. And with any luck, that number is zero. To be fair, it’s a rather unusual request. But in order to rattle a few cages, that’s exactly what Ikea decided to do in one of their ads appearing in Amelia magazine, one of Sweden’s more influential magazines for women. Collaborating with Mercene Labs, Ikea’s ad doubles as a pregnancy test.

The unusual, and rather creative approach appeared with an ad for a cot, which features a discount code and pregnancy test in one. Once urine from someone pregnant makes contact with the ad, the discount code is revealed – 50% off a Sundvik crib, in case you were wondering.

The idea for this came from Swedish agency Åkestam Holst, which has held the Ikea account since 2013. The mind boggles at the sorts of ads that we might expect to see further down the track…