$25,000 Explorer’s Grant - call for submissions

The call for submissions for the $25,000 CameraPro Explorer’s Grant is now open. The second year that this grant has been offered, applicants can make submissions until 30 September. Aimed at Australian photographers and filmmakers, the grant allows the recipient to tell untold stories and spur positive change.

There are three grants up for grabs in 2019 with successful applicatns receiving a total of $25,000 in funding ($10,000 for travel and production, $10,000 to donate to causes, and $5,000 for promotion).

Last year’s Explorer’s Grant has helped to support and promote a variety of projects:

  • Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre – a refugee-led school in Indonesia teaching 1,500 refugee children from Afghanistan unable to attend local schools
  • Meet the Ocean – an educational non-profit using virtual reality to inspire/teach the public about marine conservation and rehabilitate kids in hospital
  • Rafiki Africa Ministries, Buwooya Mission School, EthiopiAid and Action Ethiopia – locally run Ugandan and Ethiopian aid organisations assisting disadvantaged children, women and local farmers

Submissions can be made by both amateur and professional photographers and videographers at this link until 30 September.

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