The Profoto A1X is billed as the the world's smallest studio light. Featuring a new battery, the A1X is now capable of 450 full power flashes, instead of 350. As well as this, recycle time has been reduced to 1 second, at full power, from 1.2 seconds previously. The A1X has its own exchangeable Li-Ion battery pack that lasts up to four times longer than AA batteries with no performance fade, and a facility to recharge quickly.

The new user interface has been inspired by the Profoto B10 while the Air Remote offers 20 channels, up from eight. The round head of the A1X, rather than the typical rectangular shape used by other on-camera solutions, delivers light that is both natural and beautiful. And the spread of light can easily be adjusted from wide to narrower and more focused with a twist of the zoom ring on the head. The A1X has a dedicated set of light-shaping modifiers that can be easily clicked on and off or stacked, thanks to a built-in magnetic mount. These include a Dome Diffuser, Bounce Card, Wide Lens, Gel Kit, and a Soft Bounce. The ‘Air’ feature of the A1X means you can communicate with another A1X or other Profoto light seamlessly, along with easy access to High-Speed Sync.

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