LaCie DJI Copilot

Recently released by hardware giant, Seagate, is the LaCie DJI Copilot, the company’s most advanced portable drive, designed to equip the mobile photographer. The device promises to solve key challenges photographers face when creating, processing, and accessing their data on-the-go. The DJI Copilot is Seagate’s second strategic partnership with DJI, and is perfect for photographers shooting in the field who want to streamline their workflow.

Designed by the renowned Neil Poulton, the DJI Copilot is a complete backup on-set solution. Drone users can quickly ingest and review their content in full resolution without a PC. In practice, users can playback, copy, and manage their drone footage from the Copilot BOSS (Back-up On-Set Solution) mobile app without the hassle of leaving the field or booting up a computer. It’s also possible to quickly connect and reference the built-in screen to initiate direct file transfer from an SD card to the device, also without a laptop.

Featuring an impressive 2TB of storage, you can easily store up to 60 hours of 4K 30fps video footage and over 20,000 RAW photos. The built-in power bank also allows you to recharge your mobile devices on-the-go. Besides an SD card reader, the DJI Copilot also reads microSD cards. While the rugged design of the device means that it’s drop resistant, splash resistant, and dust resistant. It weights 500g.

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